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30 May 2010 @ 08:47 pm
"Can we pretend that airplanes in the nightsky are like shooting stars?  
UGH! I'm so glad I finally have a day off tomorrow! Seriously I've been working as a cashier since Thursday and I NEED to not see people for a day. Well...the annoying "This beer is too expensive! You scanned it wrong! Mark it down for me or I'll report you to your supervisor!" people I cash out daily. *sigh* Without me, you don't get your beer so CHILL!

Alright, here it goes. I'm sorry, readers; I've lied to you on several occasions. I said "Casey and I are done, I'm done, No going back" but he started texting me again, saying he loved me and that he's always loved me, he wants to marry me, blah blah blah, so what do I do? Granted, I know dang well he's a lost cause, I still take him back and wanted to help him. Today he stops talking to me, deleted me from Facebook, and refused to answer his phone. This time, I'm SERIOUS! I'm done. I can't take this anymore. He's got multiple personalities or Bi-polar or something seriously mentally wrong with him that I'm not able to help solve (yet; Psychology is what I'm going to college for).
All I'll say to you is you've lost all your chances. It's been a nice 7 months of being your on-again/off-again girlfriend when the Uggo doesn't want you or when you're aroused, but I cannot emotionally handle this anymore. My friends hate you. My family definitely doesn't approve of you. I need someone better, someone more mature, and someone who actually wants to be with me for the long haul. So goodbye, Casey William La Foe; it was fun while it lasted. Maybe, in time, our paths will cross again and we can at least be friends, but for now you're gone.

MVCC accepted me for the Fall Semester 2010; now I need to do a placement test, fill out the FASFA forms, and schedule classes, then I can move out there! :D I am excited! By me moving out there for college, this means I'll be able to hang out with Lvlien and Leroy more often. They're amazing, and I miss them dearly right now :/
Dollface was in a Rubix competition yesterday, and I believe the amazing Asian placed 4th in the US! :D Congratulations! I'm proud of you, Dollface! ♥

OHOH! Last night, I hung out with Tawny, Anthony, my friend Josh from Georgia, and my ex Billy. Just hanging out with Anthony reminded me of old times...but not really :( I don't know, it just felt different to me, like he was distant. I guess that's what happens when you don't hang with someone for 3-5 months. We need to hang out one-on-one and rekindle the friendship, I think :3

Okay, now to go to Blogspot and update there since Dollface reads those entries :)
until next we meet...
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