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07 May 2010 @ 10:00 pm
"...I wanna just dance but he took me home instead..."  
Today was official day one without Casey as my boyfriend and honestly it went really well. For starters, I worked all day so I couldn't have my cell phone on me to text him. Actually, I think that was most of the reason this worked.
The only time I texted him was when I texted about 12 people asking them to choose between Mohawk Valley Community College or Schenectady County Community College for me. So far, the poll stands at:
MVCC - 4
SCCC - 2

Of course I know at least 2 of the voters are biased; Lvlien wants me at MVCC because it's near Rome, and Casey chose SCCC because he goes there. *sigh* The poll is open until Monday, then I make my decision. Oh, and I love how Dollface [his real name is Alex but I hardly ever call him that] chose MVCC then back-tracked, asking me if I've done financial aid, checked out campuses, and/or considered going to the college he's going to in September [MCLA]. He's the closest thing to a best friend that I've had in a long time, but that's a story for a different day :)

Tonight my sister and I went to see the Drama Club production called Valley Voices, which is a collection of 4 student written plays, acted out and directed by students as well. They were all stupendous, especially the second one. I might be going to see them again tomorrow with Allyson since she's home from college for the weekend and I haven't hung with her in forever! :D
I'm pretty happy with life right now. Seeing those plays put me in the mood to work on the play Dollface and I were collaborating on about a month or so ago. It's located here, has no title, and currently has one scene finished [the opening scene]. If anyone wants to help with any of it, let me know! I'm always open for helpers and whatnot. <3

Alright, going to work on that play then sleep since I have to work early again tomorrow :/
until next we meet...
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