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~.::Pour dans vous je me trouve::.~

& I want you like Anne Frank wanted no one to read her diary

KristaVolpe :: Your Favorite Interwebz H04R <3

First off, you should become my friend & keep up with this LiveJournal because I'm going to be famous someday ;]

Anyways, I'm KristaVolpe [or at least that's what I'd like to be called]. I'm [almost] 21, living at home with my family [for now], & working at a drugstore in town. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, listening to various random music, & watching television shows. Right now, my favorite show is How I Met Your Mother [in case the journal layout, which I coded myself, didn't give it away :D].

I hope to hear from you soon <3 Also, if you have one, Follow me on Twitter :: @KristaVolpe :)