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So as we all may have noticed I'm hopelessly falling for Lvlien, correct? Well, Casey (that "bad habit" I was talking about kicking) decided he really loves me, gave me an entire speach, and I do believe I agreed to fix him into proper boyfriend material. Now my feelings for Lvlien are still there; always will be. I just wish I got to see him more. If things work out I'll be attending SCCC in September with Casey...but then where would Lvlien be? Seriously I hate this. I know I like Lvlien so what am I doing?! *sigh*

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KristaVolpe :: Your Favorite Interwebz H04R <3
30 April 2010 @ 05:27 pm
Work was surprisingly busy today. It's been slow the past couple weeks so this was a pleasant change...although now I'm beat :o Before work I went to McDonald's with hopes of getting one of their new caramel frozen coffee things and they failed me by giving me actual coffee with a shot of caramel, which not only wasn't what I wanted but it burnt my tongue too! Needless to say I may boycott Mickey D's for a while...at least for breakfasts ;)So alright I must tell you my romance dramas:There's this guy in my life who I seem to absolutely adore named Lvlien. He's everything I've honestly always wanted; smart, funny, attractive, sexy voice, tattooed/peirced. I think we're still in the "getting-to-know-each-other" phase and I'm ecstatic that I haven't scared him away :D I really like him, a lot. <3 Then there's that annoying ex who just won't give up, Casey. Casey & I have been on-again/off-again since last November and I'm sick of it. I want someone who's going to stick around, which I'm hoping Lvlien will :3 *sigh*Okay, I'll depart now :)

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30 April 2010 @ 12:47 am
Seriously this will make my life a lot better. I can't update my Blogspot thoroughly from my phone. *sigh* Oh, Livejournal...I have missed you! <3

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It really has been forever since I've updated my LiveJournal :o I seem to enjoy using my Blogspot more though.
Seriously, anyone still use their LJ? I know back when I was like 12 these were the "IN" thing to use, haha!

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10 February 2009 @ 11:37 am
There are reasons I haven't updated in the past two weeks. They would be (a) school, (b) laziness, and (c) things I'll type about here :3

Firstly, I've changed my hair more than twice:
Transformation of a butterflyCollapse )
I figured it was step one in regaining my confidence that had been stepped all over recently.
Second, AwesomeMike and I met, which was pure epic amazingness. Allow me to explain this whole soap opera drama that became amazing (haha) -
One Monday as Anthony was getting ready to go back to work for the day, Mike calls me and says he's an hour away from Amsterdam and that he wanted to crash at our place. Well, Anthony wouldn't allow Mike and I to be alone together (at first, I'll admit I was scared of him thinking he was going to rape me or something) so we hopped in his car and drove to his job, in which he got the rest of the day off. As we're about to get back to the apartment, we stopped at Domino's Pizza to pick me up an application, and when I came out Mike was sitting in the front passenger seat of Anthony's car! Unknowingly, we parked behind Mike's van (haha, the soccer mom van :P). In any case, we drove to the apartment where we hung out with Mike for the next three days. Some details include: He and I cuddled, I fell for him, he admitted to liking me but doesn't want a relationship because he's trying to get his life together and work and such so sometime in the future it's a possibility, "You don't suck at life; Life sucks at you!", he called me a doll :), and I totally Breakfast Club'd him by sticking my Sally earring into his gauge he has in his ear :D All in all, meeting AwesomeMike was epic win!
We're too sexy for the mirror pic :PCollapse )
Within the next few days, I started college, and I don't mind it. Reminds me a bit of High School but what can I do, eh? I've seen some new people and some people from my past, played some epic games, and have the easiest BORINGiest classes.
Last Monday, however, had to be way up there in epic win, in my opinion. I went to classes as usual, then had Amy pick me up to bring me to my parent's house so I could do my tax returns. That took almost 2 hours, and I was hoping to just go back to the apartment right after that, but nope, Amy was busy so I ended up witnessing my baby brother vomiting and everyone always gets on edge for some reason. Anyways, Amy got to the house around 10:30pm and as we're driving home I said how much I wished I could just cuddle up with Mike right then (he is very comforting and cuddly, I must say :3) and she vaguely mentioned something about him passing through the area and whatnot to get to NYC the next day. Well, we finally got to the apartment and Anthony handed me these amazing keys to the doors (the main one has stars and a moon on it!). I got upstairs and everyone went into my room, which is odd haha I followed and...Mike was in my bed, waiting for me! That COMPLETELY made my night!! Unfortunately I could not keep him in there; Anthony wouldn't allow it, but just seeing him and having him cuddle with me for a brief moment made me smile that night :]
Unfortunately, with Mike so busy and living three hours away, a relationship really isn't possible for us at the present moment, so I do have a new boyfriend:
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His name is Gage, and he's Neil's best friend...but they're not that much alike, except in age :P He's funny, charming, and adorable (even though he needs to think before he talks haha!).

Alright, with that, I need to go search for peeps on campus XD
Amy's coming and supposed to be meeting me in Geektopia I call it [aka the game room at FM].

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Life is just one crazy roller-coaster ride after the next, but we all learn to love it. May it be family issues, job problems, relationship woes, or whatever else you can think of, we all still manage to survive and stick it out, unless, of course, we're one of those "Even if I say it'll be alright/Still I hear you say you want to end your life" people; then we may have issues...*ahem* But whatever the case, life has its crazy ups and downs and ins and outs.
With that said, in that past few days, my life has gone from me feeling pathetic to being super happy and hyper to wanting to give up on everything to finally realizing my place at the moment. As we know from my previous entry I moved in with Anthony, which was a bit challenging considering the fact that I still had feelings for him, but I'm pretty sure I'm moving past them and just seeing him as my best friend :3 He's helped me adjust and been there for me through almost everything, encouraging me every step of the way (almost like a big brother but I really don't want to call him that; personal issues...). Amy has also been here, pep talking me and getting me through my nights where I'd probably be broken down into tears. Without them, I wouldn't be here typing out an entry because I'd be too emo and crying.

Alright, now time for a real entry! Haha, not that thoughts and being grateful isn't blogging, I want to tell you about the ins and outs and goings on :P
The past few days have been filled with me job searching and getting used to living at Anthony's, until today when I spent the day up at FMCC applying for classes. My major for those who are curious is Computer Science, and as of right now I have a full schedule of computer, math, and liberal arts courses. As I'm walking over to the admissions building to see what exactly I need to do today, I get a phone call from Stewart's telling me I have a job interview tomorrow at 2:30pm :D After that and the placement test, everything was peachy keen. My day has been amazing ever since.
Oh, and to top it all off, I looked gorgeous:

Ah wait...amazing, except for when I forgot to close the gas plug on Amy's car and we drove away with it open :X Yeah, that sucked. Luckily for us, the car didn't blow up or anything :3

And with that, I tell you stalk me on Twitter :3

Go on Youtube (since I know you can find the song on there) and look up "No One Looks As Good As You In That" by Evans Blue. It's one of their non-released songs and it's amazing <3
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19 January 2009 @ 12:18 am
Ack! Again, my sincerest apologies for lack of updating; it's been a hectic couple of weeks in my life. Allow my to explain it all now (in brief, since I'm pretty sure Anthony is going to take his laptop when he gets out of the shower).

My hopes of going to NCCC kinda died when they dicked me around over the past couple weeks. Yes, I took their placement test and then went home, which I should've gone and registered for classes that day. In any case, last Friday my father and I drove out there only to be told my financial aid stuff wasn't approved and I wasn't finished filling it out, which they told me everything was a go the night before. THEN they made me go register anyways and all the classes I'd need were full :( It's safe to say that was a disappointing day for me. Once I got home, I did some thinking and decided that I'm going to go to FMCC for this semester. The problem arose of where I was going to live, so now I'm staying with Anthony at his place in Amsterdam :3 Sounds fun, eh? It's not like I wasn't here three nights out of a week anyways in the past month XD

Other than that crap, not too much has happened I don't think. I met Yokie at Taco Bell with Amy and Anthony, and he's pretty cute. Again, if I can't remember it, it must not have mattered to me (sad but true).

Alright, with that, I shall depart. Any questions, just comment!

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Who knew I'd go on an adventure after I got out of work last night? Apparently, it was all just meant to be for Cindy, Anthony, John, and I to hang out, but let me start out from the beginning.

Work was quite slow last night, but the managers were there so checking my cell phone as much as I usually do wasn't permitted, so when I checked and saw that Cindy had Twittered about her and Anthony coming out here to hang out with me after 9pm I got excited. Well, my night finished and there they were, waiting with me to leave. We wanted Subway but the one by where I live was closed, so we drove out to Amsterdam. As we're eating, we wondered what else we could do; we checked the bowling alley but it was closing in a half hour, we always sitting in the Price Chopper parking lots everywhere, so we just drove out of Amsterdam towards Mayfield. I then announced that I knew someone out there, got on the phone with him, and before we knew it we were all hanging out with John (this guy who I liked then he ditched me then came back then ditched again and now we're friends :3). Originally, we were just going to stand outside his house for 10 minutes; get caught up with each other and leave for Anthony's apartment, but nope this turned into a 4-hour event and it didn't end there. John ended up coming back to Anthony's with us since I gave him two options: "Either we kidnap you or...we kidnap you; pick one." Once he agreed, we headed back to Amsterdam in the snow and bad roads. At Anthony's, we all cuddled up (except Anthony, since he has his own bed) and Cindy and John watched Sleepy Hallow, I dozed in and out of sleep. The most random moments happen when you're all cuddled up next to each other in the middle of the night: "I claim his head." "Yeah, well, I claim his bottom parts. That's it! You get from the belly button up and I get the rest." "...Am I your doll now or something?" (I know there had to have been a couple more, but I'm tired and can't remember them :P).
Then this morning, we all woke up around 10am or so, stuck my wet pants in the dryer since we hadn't done that at 3 in the morning, and hung out until they were done. Once I got all ready, we all left and realized Anthony's car was stuck in the parking lot, so he and John got it out. Of course, we had to show John the fact that both ends of Anthony's street are hills, and by doing that forcing us to attempt turning around to a less steep hill. This was FAIL; we ended up stuck by the side of this random older lady's house, which was an incline. After almost an hour of pushing, salting, and reversing, the car was free. We returned John to his home in Mayfield, stopped at Burger King for food, and drove me home.

I love our random adventures ^^

In other news, Amy is probably replacing me at Rite Aid when I leave. They asked me if I knew anyone who needed some extra money and a job, so I referred her :3 I hope this works out! :D

Alrighty, looks like a bath and some sleep are on my agenda for tonight :P As always, follow me on Twitter!


I know it said in my previous entry I was going to go see AwesumMike today with Amy, but circumstances beyond my control kept me from doing so. It's all good; I'll meet him soon! :3
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07 January 2009 @ 12:26 pm
I'm back in a Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog mood for the time being :3 My layout is now all romantic Dr. Horrible and stuff haha! I just need a blurb from the play in the sidebar XD

My trip to NCCC was a success, although I need to take an extra reading and an extra math class when I start there. Oh, and the dorms are beautiful but EXPENSIVE! OMG! I might just work on campus or something :3
On the trip out there, I got my dad into Ludo and he liked it! Haha, highlight of my day there XD
Other than that, nothing too much has happened....

OH YEAH! AwesumMike ended up calling me and apologizing for ticking me on Monday night :) He's a sweetie and I really like him. A lot. Hopefully, everything will work out, and Amy and I will go visit him tomorrow :3

And now to get ready for workkkkk XD

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05 January 2009 @ 09:41 pm
Alright, well, my day started out amazingly good to be honest but now it's ending like crap :( Amy came and picked me up so we could hang out, and we had a blast. First we had to stop at my job so I could get my stuff I had to leave there last night (long story short: I thought I lost the key to my locker but it had been sitting by the lockers the whole time :P). After that, we headed over to the county building so I could get some stuff for college signed, and finally we went shopping! :) I picked out some adorably cute outfits that I cannot wait to wear at school :3
I then returned home, and went to hang out with Roxy, which is apparently where I started going wrong; my parents said that those are my sister's friends and I should hang out with my own friends but when I went to make plans with them they said no since tomorrow's a big day. Once I finished the dishes and such, I got online to catch AwesumMike's BlogTV show, and he started lecturing me on how I shouldn't be going to college so far away. This wouldn't have been that bad had Anthony not been supporting him and saying things like "You tell her, maybe she'll listen to you, she never listens to us" which isn't all that true honestly. But in actuality I need to get away; I'm suffocating here and there's honestly only Amy around my immediate area for me to hang out with. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but how am I supposed to find a guy if all the ones around me aren't even worth saying "Hello" to?! Seriously, everyone needs to chill; I'll be back in May, and I'm in the process of getting a laptop to take with me so I'll always keep in contact. AND I've managed to keep my cell paid for so if you want to txt me or call me, ask for the number. As always, this will be my sanctuary of which I pour out my feelings into, so add me as a friend and keep up with me =]

But in all honestly, I'm really starting to fall hard for AwesumMike and it's bad. He's better than me, and apparently doesn't support my choices and whatever, and now I think I've lost him x|33 I HATE THIS! I hate having such an open heart. I hate being nice. Maybe when I go away I'll be a complete jerk and people would like me more...not necessarily, but whatever. I'm being dramatic, I know, but after the night I've had do you blame me?!

*sigh* I need to go shower and pop a movie in so I can crash. Tomorrow's my big first trip to NCCC for my entrance exam; wish me luck and keep up on Twitter since I'm going to be txt-Tweeting all day haha


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