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17 May 2010 @ 09:59 pm
"no matter how bad things in life can be, you always got me..."  
Alright, my weekend was mediocre; I worked, played some Magic, worked more, and slept. Sounds like a normal day in the life of Kristin to me! What I'd really like to tell you about is my favorite person in the entire world. All my life I've wanted one friend who I felt completely understood me without getting annoyed. Cindy came close but even I knew she got annoyed with me sometimes, and now we're both just super busy and never see each other. Cora was also on this list, but we never get to see each other and are so different with a lot of subjects best friends should agree on. No, my closest friend is a guy named Alex or, as I like to call him, Dollface. The story? Simple. He and I met through http://okcupid.com back in March when Casey & I weren't talking. At first I was super in like with Alex; serious that kid became my everything for about a week. Then one Friday night I was really stressed out so I told him about it and he came to Fort Plain! Meeting him was so much fun! I wouldn't have the events of that night any other way; the waiting at Rite Aid all day just for him to show up, the walk on the dark path to find Sherry, the cops yelling at us for parking in a closed park, the hour long drive just for McDonald's at 11pm to midnight, not sleeping, and the hug he gave me at the door of my job the next morning. Best night I had in a while. Nowadays he and I talk about everything and anything. Without him I'd be super lost and my life would suck. He knows more about me than anyone else ever will. He is my rock, my go-to guy, and I love him. Best friend ever <3 and with that, I'm done here for tonight.

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